Speaker Wire Color Codes

Speaker wire’s primary function is to transmit an electrical signal (voltage and current) from the amplifier (or the amplifier part of a receiver) to the speakers.

Speaker wire consists of equal numbers of electrical conductors insulated from each other and enclosed by a protective jacket, normally PVC material. One wire conductor is referred to as the Positive conductor (+ red), while the other is referred to as the Negative conductor ( – black).

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Choosing the Right Gauge Wire Size for Your Audio Speakers

Finding the right size wire for your audio speakers can be challenging, but familiarizing yourself with some basic knowledge about audio speaker wires can help you make a sound decision, no pun intended.
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Wire & Cable Buying Tips

Wires and cables play an essential part in our everyday lives even though they are concealed behind the walls of our homes. Wires and cables carry power to the appliances and electronics we use every day. As an infrastructure necessary to connect the electrical circuit, every electrical system is a basic requirement. For that reason, we must appreciate the significance of high-quality wire and cable, since poor quality can lead to a variety of hazards and. Since wires and cables are carriers of electricity in your home, you must verify that every component is safe. A wire or cable must be able to work properly in crucial conditions such as overloading and unexpected electrical fluctuations, whether used for home or commercial applications.
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What is PoE – Power over Ethernet?

PoE, or Power over Ethernet, is a low voltage technology. It covers a method for reliably delivering DC power and data to remote devices. Presently, the need for network equipment and device connections is experiencing exponential growth. And, as a...

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Differences between Plenum and Riser Cables

What does it mean if a cable is riser rated cable or plenum rated cable? Riser and plenum refer to the material of the cable and how well suited they are in case of a building fire.
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